Using shutter different speeds to show motion or stop action (a video)

This podcast explores how to use low shutter speeds to show motion as compared to using high shutter speeds to stop action.

While photographing at the Tucson Rodeo, we go inside the camera to explore the use of low shutter speed and “panning” (moving the camera along with the subject’s movement,) in order to show motion. In order to stop action, high shutter speeds are also used, to freeze the activity at the Tucson Rodeo.

2 responses to “Using shutter different speeds to show motion or stop action (a video)”

  1. David,
    Two great lessons on standing above the rodeo and shooting down as well as the blur technique.
    I was able to put both to the test tonight at the Barrel Races at the Ft. Worth Texas Stock Show. I had some good results. Now, I need to review your 2 editing podcast to help edit my 1200 images to about 10 and then to about 2 to be added to my web site.
    I really appreciate all of the wonderful content on this site!
    Tom Doran

  2. David: This excellent podcast is most timely, considering that the Tucson “Fiesta de los Vaqueros” is starting in only two and half weeks! Much to think about and to practice before this event and I look forward to meeting you in Tucson!! Muchas gracias….Ed Thompson

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