Apprenticeship Program Film Update

Thanks for agreeing to help me with my film. What would be the best for me (and the easiest for you) is if you could make smartphone videos of yourself, that you would send to me, as you talk about the questions below. Keep in mind the following in order to make a better film, so you can look and sound good in the final film:

Do this during the day, so you have daylight. Find a quiet place to do this, and make sure the phone is very close to your face. The bottom of the frame should be just below your shoulders and the top should be above your head, like the image below.

Rest the camera on something stable, like a window sill, so the camera is steady. Have the camera horizontal so the video that you make and the video I already have of you will match. The best light on you is to be found if you walk towards a window until you are very close to the window but do not get so close that you are in the bright sun.

One of the best examples of this I saw was a guy who parked his car in a garage with the front of the car ALMOST in the sun. The back of the car being in the garage, made that background dark, and the light coming in from the front made him look really good. He had the car doors closed, the engine, AC, and the radio ALL turned off. The car worked like a great little sound stage producing very good audio.

Please start each response by repeating the question that you are answering, saying something like:

“The lesson I learned as an apprentice that I use every day is…” or “Since the apprenticeship I have been working as……”

Again, I would like to hear about what has happened to you in terms of working in fishing since the apprenticeship. I would also be grateful to hear your thoughts on what you learned in the program. I also want to know what lessons from the apprenticeship you have already used while working. Feel free to tell me anything about your fishing related life during or after the apprenticeship!

Do not worry about getting the videos perfect. Answer one question per video please so these videos are no more than a minute or two since smaller videos are MUCH easier to e-mail than big ones. Please send them via e-mail to me at If you have the option, try not to shrink them or compress them. If you make larger files, they can be sent via which is free up to 2GB (which is a big file.)

If you could get these to me before the middle of November, I would be appreciative. THANK YOU for all of your help, in the past and with this.