Crowd-sourcing audio for a film

I am creating a short film on the infamous Indian “auto.” I am asking to enlist your help with the film and especially with the audio. What I would ask is if you could go into a quiet room, probably a bedroom, and sit in the center of the bed (the bed/cloth/fabric reduces the noise.) Pull out your smartphone and your voice recording app (such as the voice recorder on What’sApp.) Then record a few audio clips which you would then send to me. Sitting inside a car with the motor off, the fan/AC of and the windows closed also makes a great little sound studio.

Please start the recordings by saying your name. Then pause. Then call out the word “auto” a few times (pause between times you say “Auto”) and in a few different ways speaking as if you were hailing an auto on the street. Then say a bunch of different sentences about the auto, starting with things like “what I like about autos is…” or “what I hate about autos is…” or “my favorite thing about autos is…” or “auto drivers make me want to…” or “autos make me want to” or “autos remind me of….”, etc., etc., etc.

Do not be shy and do not worry about sending me too much material. The more interesting the comments and the more diverse the voices, the better. Email them to me at

If you know anyone else who might want to help, share this with them! PLEASE make sure your name is obvious on whatever you send me so I can credit you. Thanks in advance for your help.