One hundred fourty eight possible publication uses for a photograph

(__)Advertising Brochures
(__)Annual Reports
(__)Audio-Visual Presentation
(__)Back Cover
(__)Backlit Print
(__)Banner (Display)
(__)Banner (Print)
(__)Banner (Web)
(__)Brochure, Direct Mail or Collateral
(__)Brochure/Collateral and POP
(__)Brochure/Collateral, Print and Web
(__)Cardbound Book
(__)Cards: Bank, Credit, Debit or ATM
(__)Cards: Phone, Transit, Other
(__)Cards: Trading or Game Card
(__)Catalog (Electronic)
(__)Catalog (Print)
(__)CD, Video, DVD or Cassette Package
(__)Cinema Advertising
(__)Computer Game/CD-ROM/Software
(__)Corporate Communication
(__)Corporate Video/CD/DVD
(__)Corporate Web Site
(__)Debit Card
(__)Edition (Book)
(__)Edition (Broadcast)
(__)Edition (Magazine)
(__)Editorial Magazine
(__)Editorial Web Site
(__)Editorial: Magazine Consumer/Trade
(__)Editorial: Magazine -Custom Published
(__)Editorial: Magazine–Scient./Academ.
(__)Editorial: Newspaper
(__)Electronic Book
(__)Electronic Display
(__)Electronic Greeting Cards
(__)E-mail Advertising
(__)E-mail/Electronic Direct Promotion
(__)Event Program
(__)Feature Film
(__)Ferry Advertising
(__)Ferry Terminal Advertising
(__)Film – Made for TV
(__)Film (Media)
(__)Film (Production)
(__)Film Still
(__)Film Still (Advertising And PR)
(__)Film Still (Usage)
(__)Foreign Consumer Editorial Magazines
(__)Free-standing Insert
(__)Gift Certificate
(__)Gift Wrap
(__)Hand Book
(__)Hang Tag
(__)Hardback Book
(__)Hero Card
(__)Illustrated Book
(__)Internal Collateral
(__)Jewel Case
(__)Jigsaw Puzzle
(__)Magazine Advertising
(__)Magazine+/or Newspaper Advertising
(__)Magazine Reprints
(__)Museum or Gallery Exhibit
(__)Music Video
(__)Newspaper Print Advertising
(__)On-line Brochure
(__)Outdoor Display – Billboard
(__)Outdoor Display – Poster or Transit
(__)Outdoor Display Multi-Usage
(__)Point of Purchase
(__)Press Release
(__)Print and Web Advertising
(__)Product Hang Tags
(__)Product Packaging
(__)Promotional Calendar
(__)Promotional Poster
(__)Public Relations
(__)Public Relations Portrait
(__)Quarterly Report
(__)Quicktime VR
(__)Rate Card
(__)Record (Digital)
(__)Record (Music)
(__)Retail: Calendar – 12 Sheet
(__)Retail: Calendar – Desk/Appt/Weekly
(__)Retail: Noveltys, Specialty Items
(__)Retail: Postcard/Greeting Card
(__)Retail: Print/Posters
(__)Retail: Stationery
(__)Sales Kit
(__)Sales Sheet
(__)Stationery/Greeting Cards
(__)Table of Contents
(__)Table Tent or Counter Card
(__)Taxi Advertising
(__)Test Booklet
(__)Textbooks – On-line or CD/ROM
(__)Trade Show
(__)Travel Brochure
(__)TV – Commercial
(__)TV – Infomercial
(__)TV – On-Air Promotion
(__)TV Commercial
(__)TV Program – Entertainment
(__)TV Program – News
(__)Video Packaging
(__)Wall Decor
(__)Wall Print
(__)Wallpaper (Electronic)
(__)Web Advertisement
(__)Year Book
(__)Young Adult Book


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