Photographer’s Daily To Do List

George Remington / Ohio

Read emails
Answer emails
Send new emails
Network on Facebook
Update my MySpace page
Network on Linked In
Network on Plaxo
Read web forums
Post on web forums
Research consumer trends
Research the next shoot
Plan the next shoot
Scout locations for next shoot
Speak with talent for next shoot
Add new images to web site
Write new opinions on blog
Upload images to blog
Optimize website for search engines
Add new links to website
Add new images to Archive to sell prints
Keyword images
Caption images
Study image sales data
Retouch photographs
Scan model’s release forms
Add identifying photos to model’s release forms
Upload model’s release form to Stock agency’s portal
Upload low rez images to Stock agency’s portal
Upload high rez images to Stock agency’s portal
Archive photographs
Find image that you promised to someone
Retouch image that you promised to someone
Post images on ftp for download that you promised to someone
Make prints people requested
Research web marketing strategies
Make photo calls to ad agencies to beg for work
Update email mailing list
Update postcard mailing list
Design and layout post card
Send post card print order
Buy stamps
Address and mail post cards
Send marketing emails
Plan to teach photo seminar to supplement income
Market photo seminar
Teach photo seminar
Speak to client about possible photo assignment
Research possible photo assignment
Create estimate for possible photo assignment
Send invoices
Pay invoices
Research new available equipment
Find out why camera is not working properly
Order new strobe lamps
Test new camera that just arrived
Learn how to use the new camera that just arrived
Repair cameras and equipment
Sell old cameras and equipment on ebay
Spend hours on phone with tech support to figure out why upgraded software doesn’t work
Download and backup the 120 GB of images shot last trip
View at 100% and edit and renumber (could take weeks)
Backup your 6, 12 or whatever terabytes of data
Double check all the missing keywords your agency did and write to them
Register all images shot last month to the copyright office
Organize and register published and unpublished analog file of 250,000 slides
Update new software on computer
Update new software on laptop
Learn new Photoshop techniques
Learn new web gallery techniques
Learn new Lightroom functionality
Learn new proprietary camera software
Read about new computers you should buy
Read about new software you should buy
Fix broken computer
Buy more data storage
Update Digital Asset Management system

Relax and think creative thoughts / Take photographs

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