Elizabeth Greenberg Zooms into the Wells Point

This Zoom recording features Elizabeth Greenberg, an artist and educator living on the coast of Maine. Elizabeth speaks about her work and motivations. Elizabeth’s passion for photography has been her guide for living a life and a career immersed in a daily conversation about looking at and making pictures. She studied photography at Rhode Island School of Design and thereafter began what would become a long-term relationship with the Maine Media Workshops + College (formerly Maine Photographic Workshops.) After running her own commercial photography business in NYC she changed paths to more seriously pursue her own art practice and share her passion for the medium of photography through education.  She received her MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College. Elizabeth’s work has been exhibited across the country and she has curated  numerous exhibitions. She works with the Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation to administer the Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture to honor her mentor’s legacy. Currently, Elizabeth is the Provost at Maine Media Workshops + College. She teaches workshops in Maine and Hawaii, and is a member of the faculty in both the certificate and MFA programs at the college.

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