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10 tips for using audio more effectively inmultimedia stories
23 guidelines for journalists to safely cover protests
5 Fast Tips for Fast-Cut Editing
7 Rules for Recording Police
7 Things I Learned This Year As A Filmmaker 
7 Tips for Nailing Your Narrative Film Pitch
A Complete Guide to Documentary Filmmaking
Adding Movement to Photography with Stillmotion
Advanced Handheld Camera Techniques
Derek Freese Documentary 
Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use
film festival secrets
Handheld Filming – The Great Advantages
How to Become a Filmmaker and Ways of Breaking Into the Film Industry
How to record natural sounds + fill your film with ambience
How to Shoot an Interview 
How to shoot and edit a day to night time-lapse with your DSLR https:// 
How to Write a Photographer’s Bio…Or How NOT to
Indiewire’s Ultimate Guide to Documentary Filmmaking
Naturally guide your interviewee to look into the lens
Press Kit Essentials: What Should – and Shouldn’t – Be In This Crucial Piece
Surviving Your First Day on Set film-set-fundamentals-7-tips-surviving-your-first-day-set-70363
The BEST daily resource for the expanding world of motion and video
The best-kept secret in documentaries? It’s all in the casting.
The six primary types of documentaries
Using a Field Mixer to get Better Audio
Video Frame Rates: What You Need to Know
Footsteps | A trio of Foley Artists and How Movie Sounds are Made
Don’t Fudge on Your Budget: Toeing the Line Items
Film Budgeting Basics
How to Make a Documentary: Part 2 – Funding, Financing and Budgeting
Videomaker: How to build a video budget
5 Video Ideas to Sell Your Client On videonews/2015/05/5-video-ideas-to-sell-your-client-on
7 Income Streams for Creative Entrepreneurs
10 Gimbal Moves To Make ANYONE Look EPIC!
88 cinematographers and ASC members advice. 
A Guide to Handheld Camera Operating with Sean Bobbitt, BSC, 
Filmmaking 101 A Beginners Guide – Become A Ninja!
How to Film a Sequence From Start to Finish | B-roll Breakdown
How to Shoot an Interview
How to shoot in sequences with the Three Over One Rule
Turn Your Tripod Into a Vertical Slider
Camera angles – a complete guide
Free Crew Deal Memo Template
Warning: Sign That Deal Memo at Your Own Risk
Documentary Editing
Filmora for Windows
Filmora Video Editor for Mac specs:
Kuleshov Effect – A filmmaker’s most powerful tool’s-most-powerful-tool
New Documentary Story Telling Article
Opening Credits: Who, What, Where, When and Why
Wondershare Filmora Video Editor YouTube Channel
What are proxies and why do we need them?
Cutting Edge Editing Documentary 
Gordon Quinn: Ethics of Documentary Filmmaking 
Cuts and Transitions 101 
Points North Fellowship
Film Festival Judging Guide: Documentary Film Category
Film Festival Judging Guide: Drama Film Category
Attention, Filmmakers: Festival Deadlines Before the End of the Year 
FilmFreeway portal to film festivals
FiLMiC Pro. Best video camera app,
iPhone-specific mics, such as those from Rode
Shure MV88+ gets some good reviews
Get your next gig
Storyhunter the world’s only unified video production marketplace
Video Professionals Find Work.
Fiscal Sponsorship 
Fiscal Sponsorship
Fiscal sponsorship-CID  
An inside look at the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Film Fund
Diversity Development FunHow to Apply Catapult film fund
A Massive List of Fall 2015 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About
A Massive List of Spring 2015 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About
A Massive List of Summer 2015 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About
A Massive List of Winter Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About
Film Grants Directory
Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice JustFilms inquiry 
Here’s How These Filmmakers Self-Distributed Their Documentary…And Actually Made Money
How To Raise Money For Your First Movie by Filmmaker
Jerome Foundation Film,Video and Digital Production Grants
Journalism & Media Grant Guidelines
Curzon’s 25 Best Documentaries of All Time
Daily alerts from Philanthropy News Digest
Philanthropy News Digest publishes RFPs and notices of awards
ProFellow information on professional and academic fellowships
Cutting Mini Docs 
Cutting Mini Docs,
Documentary Films – John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 
Jody Lee Lipes Narrates a Scene From ‘Ballet 422’
Julia Reichert and the Work of Telling Working-Class Stories
Mary Ellen Mark’s “Streetwise” a documentary on Seattle street life, 
Sixty-two Films That Shaped the Art of Documentary Filmmaking
The 20 Greatest Documentary Filmmakers of All Time 
Winner of Best Short Form Programme at the BAFTA Television Awards 2019

How Much Video Can You Record on an iPhone?
8 Legal Tips for Documentary Filmmaker
Recording in public places and your First Amendment rights
 Kino Flo Lighting / Celeb® 450Q LED DMX
Arri Photometric / Lighting calculator
Interactive Photometrics / Lighting calculator
Kino Flo Lighting / Celeb® 450 LED DMX
Artlist Music / Royalty free music & SFX
Free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short films
Resources for the Student Filmmaker: Scholarships, Grants, Tools, & Resources
Royalty-Free Music
Royalty-Free Music
Royalty-Free Music
Video Production Cost Calculator
How To Save on Professional Video Production Costs
The Al Larvick Conservation Fund
Commitment Grants
The Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
Easy Ways to Get Your Movie Idea Out of Your Head
10 Rode Wireless GO Hacks!
5 Basic Elements of Film Sound | Filmmaking for Beginners
Audio Editing Software Buyer’s Guide 
Head to Head Mic Test: Dynamic vs. Lavalier vs. Shotgun
How to Remote Audio-Engineer Your Podcast Interviews
Microphone Pickup Patterns 
One-Stop Shop for Submitting to Festivals
Shotgun Microphones compared–Shotgun_Microphones
Sound design: how sound helps tell your visual stories
This guy sings the same song in different environments. https:// 
10 Royalty-Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know
Audio Jungle
Free Sound Effects
Internet Archive 
mobygratis, a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers 
Music Bed
Pro Sound Effects
Public Domain Sounds offers free sound clip
 Table Top Tripod Legs
 Table Top Tripod Legs
 Table Top Tripod Legs  
Manfrotto Table Top Tripod Legs 
Mini Table Top Tripod
Really Right Stuff Pocket Pod  (best/costliest)
LightSpectrumPro EVO measure the color temperature of a light
PromptSmart Pro – Teleprompter
Rugged, reliable computer programmable keypads
The Differences Between All-I and IPB Compression
Videomaker Magazine
Also, here’s a fun compilation of kinetic typography
A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film
Art of the Remote Interview 
Improve Your Zoom Audio Quality in 2020
Kit Inventory used by PBS for remote interviews
Lights, Camera, Interview: Getting the Most out of a Video Interview
Self-Documentation__CC BY-NC
The Top 21 Insider Articles of 2021
Editing Tips – How To Make ANY Song Fit Your Video