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It has been exciting to start experimenting in multi-media in my own work, mixing sound and images. As my grandfather used to say about so many things, “they tell me it’s the future.”

I found that the hardest part was getting started. Many folks who work in multimedia will tell you to make the sound track first, then insert the images, adjusting their screen time to match the audio.
With that in mind, I recently bought a simple but effective digital audio recorder, the Zoom H2 Hand held Recorder, which I recommend highly.

Speaking of reasonably priced, how about free audio editing software? Once you start working with sound you will need some kind of software to edit the sound and Audacity is free, pretty good quality and simple. Find more at:

2 responses to “Audio for multimedia”

  1. Aha — found it at last. Do you think I could use this without an external mic to record interviews? And if I order this by clicking on the image on your site, you get credit for it, right? Nancy

  2. Yes, it is good for interviews.

    The main thing is finding a quiet room to do the interview to minimize background noise.

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