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Probably because I make my living as a photographer, I talk a lot about the business side of photography.

In my classes I meet hundreds of people who want to do photography professionally. In general I support them but I also encourage them to understand the business of photography. The last thing I want to do, for purely selfish reasons, is help more people enter the business without business skills who will inevitably undercut me and “sell down the market.”

Thankfully, numerous great, free resources on that topic can be found at the site for the ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers. Start by going here:

One great thing is that even if you are NOT a member, ASMP welcomes anyone who wants to take part in their educational seminars and the activities of local chapters, which are all over the country. To be notified in advance of events, start here:

Again, you can get most of this information, even if you are NOT a member.

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