An “Auto” view of India (a video)

This enhanced podcast takes the viewer on a visual journey through India while riding on an auto rickshaw, a traditional mode of transportation.

The diagrams and images in the podcast helps give the viewer the experience of being in an “auto,” as they are called in India. The photography student viewing this piece should note how silhouettes, contrast, time, blur, and motion are used in this enhanced podcast.

3 responses to “An “Auto” view of India (a video)”

  1. Very interesting production technique with sequential images married with sound, rapid fire cuts timed with sound and EFX.

    I am imagining what this technique would produce in a portrait setting, with the subject talking about their life/their world/their family while the camera presents images taken from a variety of viewpoints.

    Knowing you, David, you’re way ahead of me.

    Great work.

    bob ray

  2. I’ve taken many journey’s with Liza, one of which to Nebaj and recently spent 3 weeks in in remote areas of NE India. You captured the tuk-tuk wonderfully, but it was the audio – the constant horn honking that really brought me back. great pod casts!

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