The Internet is grand, isn’t it?

I was struggling as I tried not to write one more blathering post along the lines of “Ain’t the internet grand?” After pummeling myself about that for a while, I gave up, so here goes.

The Internet is grand because:

The Internet based encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has an entry for everything imaginable. There is now an entry about the photographic act of “Chimping,” which is the reviewing images on the back of the digital camera. To see the entry go to:

The Internet gives writers new tools to get their work out there for others to read and experience.  I admit I am prejudiced, but my friend Nancy Brokaw is a great writer who uses her talents to explore the world of photography.  I have been fortunate to be the subject of some of her writing.  Her new blog is home to some of her writing on photography. I look forward to seeing how the Internet can give new life to some of her existing pieces on my favorite subject, photography. To see an entry about me and start your way into her blog, go to:

The Internet enables people to share things more quickly and easily. A former student was sharing advice (over the internet) about a good resource for photographers.  Again, I am prejudiced, but I was pleased to read the posting  she made about me and The Wells Point site.

The Internet enables me to market my classes directly to folks who might be interested. If I told you about an inexpensive photography workshop with warm weather, good pictures and great instruction, would that get your attention? I hope so.

If you are anywhere near Tucson, Arizona in late February, join me to photograph the Tucson Rodeo, Feb 23-25, 2009.  The workshop is built on the simple but effective strategy of photographing a lot, (with my guidance) and then critiquing that work immediately. If you want to learn more, go to:

The Internet has enabled me to share my ideas and experiences in a way that was inconceivable a decade ago. The evolution of digital technology has lowered the costs for all the tools I use to produce my podcasts. A decade ago each “lesson” (podcasts did not exist) would have required weeks of planning, field-work and post-production. What used to take two months now takes less than two weeks. What used to take months to disseminate widely can now be shared with a few clicks of a mouse.

So, even though it’s a bit of a blathering post, with lots of self-promotion, the Internet is grand, isn’t it?

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  1. Thanks, David. It’s our intent at “built on a woman” to connect women through practical information and your website is a great source for those who are interested in taking great photos. It’s a site that I am enjoying and I hope that others will find it too.

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