Creative evolution of my project “Concurrence: India” (a video)

This podcast explores the creative evolution of my project, “Concurrence: India.” The work evolved from a literal reportage on globalization to a more personal exploration of the fluctuating encounter between the eternal and the modern.

The work visualizes the way I experience India, simultaneously poetic and thought provoking. On a typical day in India, I will experience a religious or cultural event that is aesthetically intense. At another time, or maybe at the same, I will encounter something more human, more political that might be sad, amazing, funny or incongruously modern.

Over the last decade working in India, I have encountered India’s dichotomies, as both an insider and an outsider. In the final sequences, I try to create for the viewer that same duality of experiences. The work is intended to mimic the visual cacophony of South Asia, as it gives the viewer a better understanding of the powerful duality of forces that are vying to shape the future of India.

The audio was recorded at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts in April 2008 by Thom Burden.

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