Editing and critiquing photographs of India (a video)

This podcast shows the process of editing and critiquing a set of photographs of India, which were created by workshop students from the Objectifs Center in Singapore. The goal was to get from approximately sixty images per person down to about twenty images. The final twenty images should tell the viewer something about the photographer as well as how they experienced India.

Editing and critiquing photographs is a very important part of photography. This podcast walks you through that important process as students have their work reviewed from the November 2008 workshop in Bangalore, India. The photos are by Ng Boon Cheng, Melanie de Silva, Jean Loo, Karen Lucas, Deanna Ng, Savitha Rao, Paul Seow, Kelvin Theseira and Birgit Voogt. Special thanks to Caterina Poh and Emmeline Yong

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  1. It is possible to do a “prints on a table” critique using the “Microsoft Surface” tabletop monitor (and accompanying windows software) like they have at the Annenberg Space for Photograpraphy in Los Angeles. Of course a Microsoft Surface which is digital version of a arranging and rearranging photos on a tabletop costs approx. $15,000 US. I think the traditional table with 4×6 prints is probably still far more cost effective and simpler to use 😉

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