Bits and pieces of photo news on a lazy holiday weekend

Okay, I admit it. I took the weekend off in terms of writing something “deep and meaningful” for the blog. It has been raining almost every day through June, so the recent perfect weather was too much. Thus, I am only posting a brief (but still useful) list of new resources for photographers to check out.

In no particular order:

The good folks who make and market the Holga cameras are sponsoring a photo contest and more. Read all about it at: Though I have mixed feelings about photo contests, this one is better than most. They give you a credit towards their publication for the entry fees that you pay (which are lower than most.) Also, their goal is to spread the word about Holgas in a digital age, which I think is a very worthy goal.

A remarkably simple but useful guide called “Effective Free Press Release Distribution in 5 Easy Steps” is available at: Since all photographers trying to get there work out there are involved in some kind of promotion/public relations, this is a great resource.

Getty images has another grant program that in their own words “…supports photographers who use imagery to promote positive change in our world.” Read more about the first winners at: Nearly as interesting as the winners, were what the site called the “exceptional finalists,” the folks who did not win but came close. Read about those at:

A very useful piece about Print-On-Demand Books can be found at: To quote from that site:

So you’re thinking about making a Print-On-Demand book but you don’t know which company to use, or whether it’s going to be worth the money. Well ASMP has done the groundwork for you. Their great idea was to try eighteen different companies and invite people to review and rate the results. About 100 people showed up to studio 385 and the site shows how it averaged out (on a scale from 1 to 10. The results are listed from the least expensive to the most.)

It is a bit off topic but only slightly so. As someone who has photographed in Cuba, I want to point you to a site on the issue of how Americans are free to travel pretty much anywhere in the world except Cuba. To quote from a site on the topic:

In April, President Obama took a step by making it easier for Cuban Americans to visit their families in Cuba. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans believes that all U.S. citizens should have the freedom to travel to Cuba. The opportunity to end the 50-year travel ban now hangs in the balance. Help us seize this moment and speak with a powerful, united voice. Join us in urging U.S. leaders to give all Americans the freedom to travel to Cuba.

Yes, the entry “Pricing images for publications: Part Two” will be posted on this coming Friday.

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