November grab bag of resources

November is upon us! With October ending, I have new web resources to share. The way I work is that as I see something on the web that I find interesting, I drop it into a Word document titled “New_In_Process.” When the end of the month rolls around and/or I have enough items to share it becomes a blog entry, like this.

I teach many classes on the business of being a photographer. As more and more people consider doing photography as a profession they become aware of all the things they need to know to survive and thrive in the business of photography. Regular readers know I have a bunch of useful resources on The Wells Point site on various aspects of business. One important area of business I discuss in great detail in my classes is copyright. I preface each presentation saying I am discussing American copyright law as compared to the law of other countries, such as Great Britain. After pleading ignorance in terms of other countries, I now have a great resource to offer exploring British copyright law. Since many legal systems across the world are based on the British legal system, this is an especially useful resource to have at:

It explains, as they say, “what is copyright? How do I protect my work? What do I do if someone asks to use my photographs? What can I do if someone uses them without asking? Why should I even care? All these questions and more are answered in a simple and straightforward manner with the focus on UK law.” This Copyright Action website is created and maintained by Editorial Photographers UK Ltd, An especially interesting recent British copyright case is explored in great detail at:

They have a sister site,, which, as they say, “ exists to document and record the actions of those who through lack of comprehension, bone-headed officiousness, vested interest or malice, wish to contain and control photography.” You have to love any group with a mission like that! Read more at:

Whenever I talk about working as a photographer I talk a lot about the importance of studying a successful photographer’s career path, from beginner to working professional. A friend has posted an interesting image gallery tracing his creative evolution. As he notes “I describe my evolution from photojournalism to abstraction in the image captions.” To see that go to:

An exhibition of my own work from India opens soon in Providence, R.I. The show, at the Chazan gallery, runs from November 19 to December 9, 2009. There will be a reception on Thursday, November 19, from 5 – 7 p.m. You can read more at

I am presenting my work at the SoHo Apple store on Monday, November 9, 2009 as part of the APA|NY Image Makers Lecture. They are having a reception afterward at The Cupping Room, 359 W. Broadway (between Broome and Grand.) You can read more about that at:

An excellent video about the work of Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, my wife, was recently posted and can be seen by clicking through where it says to see video at:

Subscribers to The Wells Point newsletter may note some overlap between what I am writing here and what is in the latest newsletter. Some things are just so good they call out to be repeated.

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