An editing exercise – part one of two parts (a video)

This podcast takes you through the process of editing a large number of images down top a select few.

In this podcast, I edit 1450 images down to a top 94. In part two, I will edit the 94 down again to approximately a top twenty. By edit, I mean reducing the number of images in a given set, not cropping or altering them. Editing is a learned skill that is best understood by watching someone else do that, till you understand their thinking. The best editors are people who can reduce a given set of images down to a select few based on what ever the particular end use is for that set of images, be it an exhibition, book, article, etc.

2 responses to “An editing exercise – part one of two parts (a video)”

  1. Hi David — This is the first time I’ve gone into your podcasts — starting with the editing process, which is terrific

    as I’ve said before, you’re so generous as a teacher and it’s a pleasure spending any length of time with you online like this — it’s reinjecting the person into our nonstop computer work–I feel as if I’m right there with you. . . .you’re fast, amiable, and so insightful so instantly– wow!

    thank you for all you’re doing with your site, and congratulations on all the good things that are happening you

    All best
    Mary Ann

  2. Hi David,

    Just spent some time watching the editing and the critiquing podcasts. VERY helpful in terms of my project. Reminding me I need to shoot more and more and be more ruthless in the editing process.

    Thanks for all your great teaching!
    Saludos, Nancy

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