The “Pogo,” a very useful and very portable printer (a video)

This podcast introduces you to the “Pogo,” a very useful and very portable printer..

The podcast takes you on location photographing in Guatemala, where, in between photographing people we meet, we pause and make them small prints, on the spot, with our Pogo, a small battery powered printer that produces prints directly from digital cameras.

5 responses to “The “Pogo,” a very useful and very portable printer (a video)”

  1. Hi David,
    I do like the idea of giving back to the people you photographed and the instant gratification these people get when they have something right away in their hands.
    However, I have not heard good things about the print quality and the battery life on the PoGo. Is that true?
    I do give back prints to people I photograph, but that is through snail mail and it usually means they have to wait for at least a couple of weeks.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful video.
    – Uday K

  2. Uday K-
    Yes, the prints are small and the color qualitry less than ideal. The battery life is an issue. In fact, I am seeking out a source for spare batteries. That said, it is still the best strategy I have found. I used to mail prints, but I prefer the immediacy of a Pogo.

  3. David,

    I’m going to pick up one of these to take to India in Feb/Mar. Have you any comments on using the Pogo in hot/humid environments? I used a Sony dye-sub printer in the 90’s and remember that it was not to keen on hot days in the field.

    Also, do you carry labels with contact info to stick on the back of the prints?

  4. I have not had any issues with heat or humidity so far. If you have any, let me know. The only issue I ever have is somewhat limited battery life. If you ever find a source for a back up battery, buy one (and tell me how to get one myself.) From now on, I will carry labels with contact info to stick on the back of the prints! Great point!

  5. Seems a replacement battery is the same price as a new pogo. So that’s easy: buy a new kit to give you a 2nd battery plus a free spare charger and printer.

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