Using the best tripod, which is a table-top tripod (a video)

This podcast shows you why the the best tripod for many situations is a table-top tripod. It also explores how to use that tripod in far more ways than just on top of a table.

[The podcast starts form the idea that the best tripod, like the best camera, is the one you have with you when you need it. A small, table top tripod can be with you all the time and can do amazing things, as shown n this podcast.

8 responses to “Using the best tripod, which is a table-top tripod (a video)”

  1. The gorillapod is interesting, but since it is NOT rigid, it can’t be held in place as solidly as a tripod with fixed legs.

  2. Thank you for your interesting post David.

    I was interested in why you didn’t use Live View? I can see not using it if the scene is dynamic and you can’t afford a lag between taking the shot and actually getting it.

    Do you turn image stabilization off when using the tripod? I tend to think that you don’t need to since there will be some minor movement given the nature of the task and equipment.

  3. I often use Live-View when working on that tripod. Not sure why I did not use it at the beginning, but I did use it some towards the end. I frequently use the 2 second self timer in place of a cable release so the camera is stable, so the lag time is not an issue. I do not always turn of the image stabilization OFF when I should but everything I have read says that I should turn it off.

  4. Thanks David,

    On your recommendation I recently bought a table top tripod (manfrotto 709b) to use with my Panasonic LX3 and GF1. So far I’m a very pleased with it and have taken compositions I had not thought about before! You also recommended the flipbac, which I have on my LX3 right now (also very practical). For the GF1 I am considering a electronic viewfinder instead. Do you experience with those? Would you recommend for street photography?

  5. Thanks. As for the electronic viewfinder, I use the Olympus Electronic Viewfinder VF-2 on my PEN cameras with great success. I use it some for street photography, but the larger screen works well for my street photography, especially when working at unusual angles. The electronic viewfinder is especially useful in bright sun for either photographing OR reviewing work.

  6. Unfortunately the podcast uses adobe flash and it will not work on Iphone or Ipad

  7. If you look below the podcast page, where it says “” you can click to see the version that WILL work on your iPhone/iPad. hope that helps.

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