The sweet spot for dramatic shadows (a video)

This podcast shows you how to find the ‘sweet spot’ for making dramatic shadows in your photographs.


The podcast helps you figure out where to stand and when to take the picture in order to get the most dramatic shadows possible in your photographs. Since photography means “writing with light,” this is a particularly important tool for any photographer.

3 responses to “The sweet spot for dramatic shadows (a video)”

  1. A perfect, easy-to-follow, completely clear and valuable explanation of how to find the “sweet spot” for making dramatic shadows. And as always,your narration is
    ideally paced and in spite of the many different
    sites included you make the entire
    production seem completely effortless.

    Thank you David.

  2. I enjoyed this well-executed video. It flows well, the audio is good, you provide plenty of examples, and you explain the concept thoroughly. Well done.

  3. Thanks, this is great video. Can’t wait to use this in practice!

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