The inspiration for an image (a video)

The podcast walks you through the process as I have an idea for a photograph, think it through, take some pictures, look at what I have done and keep working on it till the photograph has just the feeling I want it to have.

4 responses to “The inspiration for an image (a video)”

  1. Loved the narration of your thought process and it especially helped showing it visually.

    However, I do have a question on how you manage getting a tabletop tripod in a busy place like NYC and not getting objected by the people or police in a 9/11 age.

  2. Actually, I have had great luck. Doing these exact images, a cop chatted with me nicely and when I showed him what I was doing, he critiqued the work. :):) “Civilians” occasionally say things but if they are nice, am nice. The rude ones I ask to call a cop and they go away.

  3. This topic is so very important. You are sharing the core process of translating ones creativity and inspiration into images that can communicate our vision to our audiances. As you know, I have taken a very long time to begin to figure it out for myself and rarely have I heard discussions of these issues (and never in such a clear way) as you present them in this and other podcasts. More, please!

  4. I like your comment about telling rude people to call a cop when photographing from a place you have a right to be. That also works in landscape photography when you are accused of trespassing…but you need to know where you are.

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