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I read a lot about photography every day. (Duh!) I encounter hundreds of links, varying from idiotic Viagra ads to Nigerian bank scams to interesting photography sites. Though I am pretty good at knowing what not to look at, and waste time clicking on, I default to the idea that it is better to look than it is to risk missing something of value. This blog entry explores recent links where I have clicked through and I have been rewarded for my efforts.

I am as guilty as anyone of pondering, “What did we do before the internet?” In my case, I know that I read many more printed publications than I do now, be they books, magazines or newspapers. Also, I socialized a lot more with other photographers, where insights and information were inevitably shared. When I was using film the routine, three times a week trip to the lab to drop off and pick up processed film was another source of information. I am not going to wax nostalgic about “the good old days,” but I do wonder, like many, what has been gained and lost with the Internet.

Speaking of how things used to be, please make sure you read: http://georgezimbel.com/press/GeorgeZimbel_vs_NewYorkTimes/

It is fascinating exchange of letters about the ownership (by the photographer) of an image that was mistakenly held and then erroneously offered for sale as a fine-art pint by the company, the New York Times.

Other recent web-links I found interesting, in no particular order, include:

Portland, Oregon has a new space for photography. As it says on their web-site, it is appropriately called:

Newspace Center for Photography is an educational and cultural nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting photographic education and appreciation to the public as well as providing a space and building a community where photo enthusiasts can learn, create, discuss and show their work. Read more at http://www.newspacephoto.org/index.php

The other, more established photography center in Portland is Blue Sky which can be found at: http://www.blueskygallery.org/ Sounds like Portland is turning into quite a hopping place for photography.

If you have ever thought about expanding your photography beyond the still image into moving images, like I am doing, you will need a lot of help sorting out what to do (and not do.) Great set of resources can be found at http://asmp.org/tutorials/video-tutorial.html and http://philipbloom.net/tutorials-1/

Another list of great video resources, can be found at http://kellymooneyminutes.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/10-great-links-for-video-resources/ This is prefaced by:

If you’re like me, no matter how much you think you know – when it comes to video production and editing – there’s always something you don’t know. I have been helped on numerous occasions with a little help from my friends and great resources.

A great resource for information on the many different options for audio recorders can be found at: http://transom.org/?category_name=tools

An interesting site called TopTenREVIEWS has evaluated photo book publishing services. If you are interested in printing your own book it is a great resource to see how the various print-on-demand companies compare. Start reading about that at: http://photo-book-review.toptenreviews.com/

I have looked at all of these in the process of culling down the hundreds I see to the few that I think worth sharing. I look forward to actually looking at them individually and gathering the wisdom they offer.

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