The travelling camera bag of a professional photographer – me (a video)

Every photographer has series of problems they have to solve. The most basic problem is how to get the subject in front of the camera onto the chip, film or paper. Another example of such a problem is what gear a traveling professional will take on the road and how will they carry that. In this podcast I take you inside my camera bag to show you how I solve that particular problem.

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  1. Great lesson on how and what to pack according to each photographers needs.
    Thank you.

  2. I find the EVF-2 essential for bright light conditions, since the LCD on my E-PL3 is nearly worthless in sunlight. With young kids to keep up with, though, I find it time consuming to get it on and off the camera with the cap over the connector.

    Question: Do you always store your viewfinder with the connector cap, or do you ever throw it in the bag without that cap? I’d like to carry the EVF without the cap to speed up taking it on & off the camera, but I can’t economically justify being cavalier with my equipment (ie, it’s not my job to take photos, so I shouldn’t sacrifice equipment to get good shots).

    I figure that if you, as a professional, can travel without the cap on the EVF connector and it survives under your usage, then its probably safe for me to do so as well.

  3. To PETER M:
    Thanks for the comment. I also “find the EVF-2 essential for bright light conditions.” I do keep the cap on since I too fear damaging the connector pins.

    The real issue is that I rarely use it since now all I use is the OMD EM5 camera(s) with the built in “viewfinder” that resembles the pentaprism on a DSLR. So, I am guessing it is not much help to tell you that but I am just being honest. :):)

  4. Hi David,
    Null results are still useful. For now, I’ll keep using the cap, even though it slows me down.

  5. Hi David, do you have these videos hosted elsewhere? I ask because many of the videos hosted on are no longer playing. Thanks for the great resource.

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