Thinking about organizing the personal project (a video)

My favorite kind of photography is the personal project (or photo-essay.) The thing I like the least about them is the time and effort required to keep such projects organized. But, I need to be organized in order to execute the projects efficiently, to promote the work to potential funding sources and exhibitors, as well as to have the same work reviewed and published. I made this podcast explaining how I organize my personal projects.


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  1. Very helpful, David. I have a good system of organization images that I learned when I first got Lightroom and it helps me find pictures well. I realize I need a better system for non-image documents. I have a category of “Barn Owners” and “Barn Photography” on my iPhone, but I need to keep more info in one place including when, where, comments on interaction. How large is your hard disc? Keeping raw and jpgs would seem to add to the squeeze. I always knew you were well organized but it is great to see it action!

  2. Right now my HD is 4TB (a mirrored RAID.) It has backups for my Mac Book Pro (my home machine, using 400 GB for the Time Machine,) my Mac Book Air (My road machine, using 600 GB for the Time Machine) and my archive (currently using 1.6TB but has room for 3TB.)

  3. Your podcast on getting organized was an inspiration! I have spent this evening putting images taken in connection with current and prospective projects into folders, after having the uneasy feeling that things were getting out of hand. I have been fearing that at some point I’d be unable to put my hands on something I really needed. I also took your idea of copying material onto a Word doc to save; handy for conferences, books, etc that look interesting and might be helpful later. I can certainly recommend it!

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