Real Exposures Interview

I recently sat down with David Brommer, the force behind the Real Exposures interview series, to discuss what Brommer describes as my “visually striking and highly moving photo-essays for magazines and non-profit organizations, including a project on the pesticide poisoning of California farm workers that was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.” We also discussed my more recent photo-essay depicting homes that people had left behind during the recent foreclosure crisis.

One response to “Real Exposures Interview”

  1. David, your pesticide poisoning series was one I found a couple of years ago it was so powerful. It was nice to see this interview about it.

    I think video will play a role, but stills convey more emotion. Combining the two can be powerful. I think you, Danny WIlcox Frazier (Driftless in Iowa) are on the right track. Stills are the main thing, but the video provides some perspective from the subject your are documenting.

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