Laurie Klein Zooming with the Wells Point

Renowned photographer and educator, Laurie Klein talked about how as photographers we are motivated, creating imagery to work through the pain, angst of the unknown, as well as celebrate the silver linings through the creative expression of photography.

As a single mom who raised and supported two sons soley through her photography, she would photograph weddings practically every weekend for over 25 years. She realizes now she wanted to see love that looked perfect and record it. That was her subconscious response to external motivators telling her to feel love, all part of her effort to”get the marriage piece right.” Simillarly, with the outbreak of Covid, Laurie found she couldn’t pick up her infrared camera for months and stopped making pretty infrared photographs. She began tapping into the feelings of helplessness, isolation and the unknown. She worked through this personal transition through her personal work and offering workshops which addressed the healing process through photography.

Laurie holds a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MFA from Ohio University. Early in her career, Laurie studied with Ansel Adams. Laurie has been a leader in infrared photography for over 40 years. She has used this medium to create ethereal romantic imagery that included the female form in the landscape. Growing up in a physical body that was not the so called ‘’correct body type” she would use models as her surrogates trying to ‘get it right and be noticed,’ through her images.

Klein is the author of Infrared Photography (Edition 1 & 2): Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images and Photographing The Female Form with Digital Infrared both published by Amherst Media. Hand Coloring Black and White Photography published by Quarry Publishers, and is published in numerous magazines. Her images have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Laurie teaches regularly at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Maine Media, and in her own boutique workshops around the globe.

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