American Society of Media Photographers
Copyright Application Tutorial

Brad Templeton Article on copyright myths explained.

Communication Arts Resource on the creative arts-magazines, jobs, advertising, competitions.

Copyright Copyright Registration for Online Works

Copyright Information on using copyright material

Copyright Copyright Forms Visual Art

Copyright Search Works registered and documents recorded by the U.S. Copyright Office since January 1, 1978.

Copyright law and lawyers:

Editorial Photographers A Compendium of Resources on Copyright

Editorial Photographers Copyright Primer

Face that Launched a Thousand Sites
Great article on RF use, reuse and misuse:

Library of Congress (application, PDF file)
Copyright Form VA.

Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office.

Licensing Awareness Working Group Discussion forum on issues of fair and legal use of photographic work

“Little Girl In The Pink Sweater”
Article about Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain

Photographers Want Networks/Stations/Newspapers to Pay for JonBenet photos Blog about the economics of the JonBenet Ramsey photos

Story Behind the Picture: Who Owns JonBenet Photos? Debate over copyright photos involved in high profile cases

Naturescapes How to register the copyrights for your photographs

Photographer Registry Guide to help retailers, consumers, media and others locate the photographer or studio that created the copyright-protected image they want reproduced.

Price Assistance Tool for educating and furthering the knowledge of digital photographers with a diverse range of tools

Pro Imaging International support for professional image creators-web links to copyright information.

Pro Imaging,com_weblinks/catid,50/Itemid,114/
International support for professional image creators-web links to copyright information for different countries

Stanford University Libraries Fair use of copyright material

Top 10 Lies told to Naïve Photographers, Artists, and Designers Article by Mark W. Lewis showing some of the errors photographers can make

What is Copyright Protection? Contains basic and general copyright information

United Kingdom specific copyright info: and

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