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Art Support: Created for fine art photographers, this site provides information about fine art photography, collecting fine art photography and the business of art. All artists and art collectors interested in photography will find it to be useful and valuable fine art photography resources.

The Foundation Center, 79 5th Ave/16th St, NY, NY 10003/ Toll free phone: 800-424-9836, fax: 212-807-3677 Has a computer and library of books to look up a variety of grants.

Grants, Awards and Opportunities for Artists and Entrepreneurs

Grants and opportunities directory developed by the Steinhardt Art and Art Professions Department at New York University

Innovate Grants for Artists and Photographers

Listing Grants for Non-Profit Groups

Listing of Grants for Individuals

Michigan State University Libraries Photography grants

Michigan State University Libraries-Individual grants

New York Foundation for the Arts. Not just for NY artists. NYFA website where grants can be searched by discipline, region, etc.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting/Basic elements of Grant writing

The Best Photography Grants and Scholarships in 2023

Social Science Research Council Click The Art of Writing, Proposals

Truman Scholarship Foundation Click For Candidates

University of Wisconsin Grants Information Center Provides outstanding guidelines for proposal writing including sample proposals / advice on inquiry letters

Great advice for all artists

Art Matters phone: 917-478-1010, email:

Art Reach

Blue Earth Alliance is dedicated to helping photographers pursue documentary projects about endangered environments, threatened cultures and social issues. If your project is accepted, it will become a Blue Earth Alliance project and will be your responsibility to work through Blue Earth Alliance to obtain funding for your project. Blue Earth Alliance does not make direct grants to sponsored projects.

Good legal information starting point: and

N.Y. State Foundation for the Arts individual Artist’s Site. A database of grants, jobs, etc for artists which can searched on various criteria.

Women Photograph

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. 1 East 53rd St, 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10022-4201 tel: 212-319-2787, ext. 1 fax: 212-752-6575 /

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