Non Digital Techniques / Educational Sites

Varied information on photography or

Blue Crane Digital/ Instructional DVD’s

Communication Arts Magazine

Digital Photography Review / Nice Depth of Field explanation/calculator

How is Digital Capture Beneficial? Article about Digital Versus Film

Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Newseum/National Geographic’s Women Photographers

Online Photography: Has many links to various sites. Journal of fine art photography.

PBS / American Photography: A Century of Images: Good source for looking at a host of photographers

Student Photographic Society Basic information for students and paid membership gets you more information.

Terra Galleria Photography: Climbing Photography info

Unblinking Eye/ Creative and Technical Aspects of the Darkroom

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Conducts accelerated light exposure and dark aging tests to determine the comparative life expectancy of inkjet, other digitally printed photographs traditional black-and-white and color photographs

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