Stock Photography

One hundred fourty eight possible publication uses for a photograph:

About The Image Provides business news, information and resources about or related to the international stock image licensing industry.

Alamy Images Stock website of commercial photography.

American Society of Media Photographers
Licensing information

A Photo Editor List of Stock Photo Agencies

Basics of stock photography:

Editorial Photo Search engine for photographic websites

Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 5 million images from 140 quality stock photography publishers at one site.

Frank Niemeir’s Photography List List of photographic stock agencies

Hind Sight Stock View Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Licensing

Image Relay Online technology that provides your company an efficient and cost effective solution to manage and deliver your media assets

Information about copyright and licensing stock imagery told through videos

Introductory set of FAQs:

Intro to licensing models:

Mira Stock Agency of the Creative Eye Contributor Stock photography agency of the Creative Eye Cooperative.

Photopreneur How-to tips to effectively keyword photographs.

Photo Source International Site for photographers to sell their images and agencies, art directors, and editors to buy them.

Photographic Libraries Agency listings, images, resources, photographer listings, and gallery listings

Photo Links A directory of stock photography agencies and picture libraries

PACA, the Picture Archive Council of America, is the trade organization in North America that represents the vital interests of stock archives of every size, from individual photographers to large corporations, who license images for commercial reproduction. See: Find agencies at:

PLUS Database, organizing media categories, media types and media options into a universal structure for use in image licensing interfaces.

Profotos Catalog of Stock Agencies Catalog of information for professional photographers trying to obtain recognition on the Internet.

Sarno Photography and Web Design Licensing artwork for the purpose of commercial gain, and the right to prevent other third parties from using the same artwork

Selling Stock is a subscription based on-line newsletter that reports on developing trends in the stock photo industry.

Stock Artists Alliance Provides information resources and advocates the use of equitable business models, fair contracts and ethical practices at all levels of the stock industry.

Stock Photographer News and information on the stock photography industry

Stock Photography Research List of stock photographers to purchase stock from

Stock Photo Talk Do not always agree with him but he has an interesting perspective: Information on Stock Photo Industry, Picture Business, Photo Agencies, Professional Photography, Portals, Technology, Footage

Veer Photography Photographer Submissions

Workbook Stock Contributor Area contributor

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