B + W fiber prints from digital files

Though I work primarily in color, I have a long time love of black and white photography. For me the Holy Grail of black and white would be to merge digital capture with conventional, fiber-based output.

For a couple years now, a few labs have been offering such a service. I have tried it and liked the results, though it has been very costly. Digital Silver Imaging outside Boston offers the process that provides beautiful fiber-based and resin-coated black and white silver gelatin prints directly from your digital files at a reasonable cost. Read more at: www.digitalsilverimaging.com/index.php.

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  1. Woo Hoo… I got 3! Interestingly enough I first did this on my work computer (with the uncalibrated monitor) and got 24. I did the latest test at home on my calibrated monitor.

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