Importance of timing when photographing at twilight (a video)

This photography podcast explores the importance of timing when photographing at twilight.

It also provides you with a visual experience of life in Bangalore, India. This lesson teaches the viewer about the basic uses of a table top tripod and the self timer in a camera to capture the motion, blur, and activity of traffic in a busy Indian city at twilight. The diagrams and images throughout the video explain techniques to capture and compose the best image possible. Emphasis is put on anticipating the image you are about to take and varying your composition by shooting vertically and horizontally. Auto focus, ISO, lenses, time of day, and histograms/exposure are also covered in this video photography podcast.

One response to “Importance of timing when photographing at twilight (a video)”

  1. What an absolutely terrific tutorial. For years I wanted to get photographs of the river of cars on the Long Island Expressway. Thank you for providing the missing ingredients, especially use of the histograms and the 2-second shutter delay on the camera. This podcast more than helps my photography.

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