The Wells point goes live

I am excited to announce that The Wells Point website, in development for months, went live on Wednesday, October 22nd. This was just as I was preparing to attend (and present a seminar) at the huge Photo Plus trade show in New York City.

The Photo Plus show is the best way to see all the new gear, software, etc. in one place. It can be a bit overwhelming, but where else can you get all the latest information and play with all the new photographic “toys” in one place. I will be blogging about some of the things I saw and learned about at the show, in the near future.

The recurring theme that I heard from folks from across the photo industry was “Okay, the digital camera gear is getting so easy to use that the industry as a whole needs to focus next on education and sharing information. After all, millions of people love photography and they want to understand how to use their gear, to make the kinds of photos they want.” Hearing this bodes very well for The Wells Point site, because that is the exact niche we are aiming to fill.

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