One photographer’s career path (a video)

This podcast explores my career path, from student photographer to established professional. As I tell my story, I show photographs from the many phases of my career.

The presentation starts with examples of early black and white work leading to the study of the history of photography in college. From there I moved on to work for various newspapers, magazines, and eventually freelance around the world.

The audio was recorded at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts in April 2008 by Thom Burden.

3 responses to “One photographer’s career path (a video)”

  1. Is there a part II to the podcast “One Photographer’s Career Path” or is the end when you get married a 2nd time?
    T Scott

    David Wells writes: Yes, one divorce and one remarriage is enough for me. :):)

  2. Wow what a wonderful “Career Path”, such inspiring work and compositions!

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