Long time coming

I am often asked, what am I working on now? Like many people, I have lots of things in the works. I am pleased that some of these efforts have recently come to fruition, after the typically long time cycle that is common to this business and sometimes frustrating to me.

Assignments can take a year or more to go from the actual photography to the final publication. Bodies of work that take years to make, often take equal time to get out, get noticed and even honored.

For example, work that I produced over a year ago in India, on call centers, was recently published, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. It was just featured in my photo agency’s newsletter. You can see that new posting at: http://news.auroraphotos.com/index.php?s=david+wells

Similarly, I was pleased to find out I was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Prix de la Photographie, Paris competition, which was on the theme of WATER. You can see my winning work at: www.px3.fr/winners/Water/zoom.php?eid=7077-08&uid=3228052. Those images are work that I did almost a decade ago in various places around the globe.

The biggest long-term project I am involved with is the new educational web site, The Wells Point. Building it has been slow going and my hat goes off to my partner in this endeavor, Derek Wahila. The site is up and running now. You can even now find it on iTunes! If you have iTunes installed on your computer, click here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=303950605 and it will open automatically to our podcast feed.

We are committed to growing and expanding the site as a resource for aspiring and accomplished photographers, with useful free video podcasts and information.
This type of long-term project takes commitment and yes, money. We are hoping to make the site advertising-supported and this is where you come in. There is money that the gear manufacturers, the workshops and the software companies spend, primarily in print publication and the bigger sites. Frankly, we need to build traffic on this site to get moved up the rankings, to get the kinds of advertising we need to grow the site.

Everyone has some way they can easily help us market the site. Some folks have a personal email list of “photo-friends” that they use to share interesting things about our shared passion. Others have more formal, larger scale sharing systems. Many readers have their “walls” on facebook. We need to ask each of you to help us spread the word about this resource in the many different ways that you can.

Finally, I was recently informed that my work from India, titled “Concurrence: India Marching Backwards Into the Future” will be exhibited in a few different places around the Northeast in the year ahead, including, New York, Maine and here in Rhode Island. You can see that work at: https://www.davidhwells.com/docuuIndiaExhibit/index.html#_self. Though none of the details are fixed, rest assured that I would be blogging about those, once I have something concrete to share.

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  1. re: you can even now find it on I-Tunes! If you have ITunes installed on your computer, click here http://itunes.apple.com and it will open automatically to our podcast feed.

    Thank you! thank you! and thank you!

    Now I can abandon my enterprise of converting the downloaded flash files into MP4s. You’ve made it much easier for me to take the wisdom and information imparted on “The Wells Point” with me on my iPod.

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