Planning your photography when working at twilight (a video)

This enhanced podcast introduces the viewer to the importance of planning in photography when working at twilight, in this case while photographing Water Fire, a periodic piece of performance art in Providence, Rhode Island.

The diagrams and images throughout the video explain techniques for composition and exposure in order to get the best images. Emphasis is put on relationship between proper background and foreground exposure. Varying composition by shooting vertically and horizontally as well as use of focus, zoom, and histograms are also explored in this podcast.

2 responses to “Planning your photography when working at twilight (a video)”

  1. I usually throw in a “digital” tungsten filter on such situations to get stronger blues. How do you feel about it? thanks for the tips.

  2. I am shooting RAW files so I can always do white balance corrections later. I shoot mostly on daylight white balance because that is what I was used to with film and so if the colors “change,” they change in a way I am used to, having seen similar changes with film. But, that’s my preference, There is nothing absolute about my strategy.

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