What is new on The Wells Point?

The big news on The Wells Point site is the completion of the photographer’s resource pages. You can start to explore those at: www.thewellspoint.com/about/ I have information there (with extensive links,) on artist’s residencies, copyright, fine-art promotional venues, grants, software and stock photography, as well as another twenty-something different categories of information.

If you (or any one you know) wants information on almost any aspect of fine-art or editorial photography, please start there. I hope you will share this link with other so they can become better acquainted with all the resources out there for photographers.

The original resource list was born when I started teaching workshops and my students asked for information about the opportunities and other resources available to them. This was information I was happy to supply. Since then, I have continually been adding items and so the list has grown and grown. When the list reached thirty pages, a few years ago, I realized it was smarter (and better for the environment) to put it on-line rather than printing and giving out all those hard copies.

The resource list is definitely a work in progress. Some of the links may be old and important resources are undoubtedly missing. So, if you think I should add something, or suggest I delete something, let me know.

As much as The Wells Point site is a labor of love, it will eventually need to start paying for itself, so we are expanding the ways you can support the site. I have already started posting links from the blog-posts where I have written about certain camera gear to places on the Amazon site where you can buy that same gear.

Also, on the right side of each page on The Wells Point site is a link to Amazon’s site. Remember that anytime you are shopping on Amazon, if you start here rather then going directly to Amazon, every purchase supports The Wells Point.

We are also adding a similar link to the Orbitz travel site shortly. If you travel anywhere as much as I do, supporting The Wells Point will be particularly easy.

The number of folks who are posting links to The Wells Point is continually growing. I was especially thrilled when the photographer Bob Krist linked The Wells Point on his site at: http://www.bobkrist.com/blog/

I have also been busy working on my own photography. The most exciting recent news is my winning honorable mention in the “Hearst 8×10 Photography Biennial.” They had thousands of entries so to make it to the final eighteen was exciting news. I have three images in the show, which will be at Alexey Brodovitch Gallery at the Hearst Tower, New York City, from March 30, 2009 through September 2009. I could not attend the opening March 30th (as I was in Guatemala) but I am looking forward to seeing the entire exhibit during the show’s run. You can read more about the show by downloading a detailed PDF about that: Hearst 8×10 Press Release

I also have a new fan page on Facebook for photographers who appreciate what I am doing at thewellspoint.com. You can become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wells-Point/67780416479. If you are as excited about what I am doing, spread the news.

I look forward to any feedback you might offer on what to add to one of the resource pages, potential links, topics for blog-posts, etc. The dialogue that has started between the readers of The Wells Point and I has been one of the highlights of building the site.

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