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Last Monday night I spent an hour watching an on-line photography tutorial, in this case a lesson in Photoshop. This coming Monday I plan to do the same. In fact, for as long as the “Monday Night Light” program is continuing, I hope to be enjoying free photography tutorials.

The free online training, called “Monday Night Light” (MNL) comes from the LIGHT Photographic Workshops, located in Los Osos on the Central Coast of California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is supposed to be like a favorite TV show, scheduled so you can tune in at the same time, each week.

The LIGHT workshops were formerly the Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging. At LIGHT they have the best digital darkroom for students use, that I have seen. So not only are you taking photos in a great place, you are processing them in a first rate digital facility.

Here are a few photos from the area.

I have enjoyed teaching classes there so I am a bit prejudiced, but I am actually not trying to push classes at the LIGHT Photographic Workshops, though it is a great organization with great teachers. Hal, who taught the class that I watched, was very good. I am encouraging you to sign up for their free photography web-inars (seminars over the web.)

Some weeks the classes will be on Photoshop and other weeks they will explore other photography related topics. One great thing is if you sign up, you get reminders before the day of the tutorial and information on the topic so you can decide if the class is for you. To learn more about it, go to:

Who would not want to spend an hour each week, learning about photography without having to pay for it?

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  1. Thanks,

    That looks like a good class. I like the Monday Night Light program because it explores all aspect of photography, not just Photoshop.

  2. and i like the metaphor, “Monday night light” vs. “Monday night football”

    But I bet they don’t have Hank Williams Jr. singing their theme song.

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