The “Stock Photography” of David H. Wells (a video)

This podcast explores the stock photography of David H. Wells. The audio was recorded at the Hallmark Institute of Photography.


In this slide show/lecture, the viewer gets a glimpse into the world of stock photography. You will also see David’s new and old stock photographs as well as some of his most popular and best selling stock photographs.

One response to “The “Stock Photography” of David H. Wells (a video)”

  1. Great video podcast. I assume you meant $200-$400 a month for the picture of the flowers, not 200-400 separate purchases. Would love to hear more about the business side of stock at some point. How do people actually make a living doing Stock and can they? And how has microstock impacted the livelihood of professional photographers trying to make a living.

    Again, thanks for the great podcast.

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