Reflecting on Vietnam (a video)

This podcast takes you on a very short and personal trip to Vietnam.

The raw material for this podcast was captured in January of 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City, using an Olympus EP-1 camera, which records audio, video and still images. The final piece was assembled using Final Cut Pro.

One response to “Reflecting on Vietnam (a video)”

  1. Wonderful podcast, David!

    Like you, I’m of the age where VN meant a war. One of my uncles was KIA at Cu Chi in 1966; I turned draft age in 1975.

    As life turns, though, I married late and to a woman from Saigon. I was there in 2000 to get married; we spent a month in 2007 with our 4-year old twins visiting my wife’s family. I was awed, though not surprised, by the changes in 7 years. I expect that you and I will find more changes whenever we return.

    BTW, I stumbled on your site from B&H Photo. I’m cameraless right now, but you, Kirk Tuck, Terry Shuchat locally, and a few others have really got me intrigued with the Olympus PEN series.

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